SNAP Mount System Series

Introducing the newest line of defibrillator mounts from NCE Empowering Safety. The Snap Mount System is a universal system that will fit the LIFEPAK15 and the Zoll X-Series. The standard fit accommodates the LIFEPAK 15. By attaching a lightweight adapter plate, it’s ready for the Zoll X-Series monitor.

The SNAP System is designed for one-hand easy use for EMT personnel. The sleek low-profile design makes it our lightest mount ever, and easier to be taken on the go.

The SNAP Mount System also debuts the new innovative SNAP locking system, which protects the patient, EMT workers, and monitor in the event a rollover. 


SNAP Mount

Designed for the Stryker LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator, this mount is meant for one-handed, grab and go easy use. The low-profile design allows for more flexibility of placement in your ambulance. 

Zoll X-Series Adapter Plate

 Simply screw this plate to the bottom of your Zoll X-Series Monitor. Then lock into SNAP mounting post.


Speak to one of our sales representatives to learn more about our mounts, volume pricing, and available discounts for your organization. Our mounts are MADE IN THE USA and available for immediate delivery!