Depending on its location, intended use, and technical capabilities of the operator, selecting the right defibrillator mount can be a challenge. For example, a defibrillator intended for a public area will most likely require a defibrillator cabinet to keep the machine accessible but safe from damage. In an emergency transport vehicle, it should be on the wall to ensure occupant safety. In medical facilities, it may need to be mounted to a counter. So how do you know which type of defibrillator mount will best suit your needs? Selecting the right defibrillator mount is easier than you think.

Make it Simple

When selecting your defibrillator mount, think about how and where it will be used, and under multiple scenarios to determine what type of mount allows the easiest access.

  • Does it allow for one-handed use?
  • Are the build and attachment components sturdy and made to last?
  • Does it fit properly where it is needed? For example, does it clear the lips of the countertop and provide enough clearance above to make it easy to lift up and move?
  • Can the mount swivel? So it can be viewed from multiple positions or angles.
  • Does it allow for fast defibrillator detachment, and is it easy to place the unit back into the mount?

Make it Safe

  • What type of mount will keep the user out of harm’s way, adhere to safety protocols and protect the machine?
  • Regardless of whether the defibrillator is wall-mounted or countertop-mounted, is the unit protected from extreme external jostles, bumps and other potential damaging incidents?
  • Does your defibrillator mount installation adhere to all legal regulations for vehicle safety, including SAE J3043? In addition, first responders require protection from flying objects when a sudden stop, accident or rollover occurs.
  • Does your mount prevent accidental pinch, abrasion and other injuries by providing adequate space around, above and in front of the unit?

Make it Smart

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have the information you need to make the best decision on your defibrillator mount purchase and obtain an excellent ROI.

Manufacturers help make this task even easier by pairing mounting options with different devices. For example, Striker, Zoll, Philips and others all provide defibrillator mounts that work with their units to provide the perfect fit for your application.

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