Baseball is underway, and summer sports like golf and soccer will start soon. Cardiac arrest is a significant concern for young athletes. An automated external defibrillator (AED) plays an essential role in keeping your athletes safe and healthy. This equipment must be maintained properly for optimal operation. Here are three reasons to ensure your AED is ready with a new battery and pads this summer. 

1. Rapid Response

An AED used quickly with a sudden cardiac arrest can lead to a 90% survival rate for a young athlete. To keep it working properly, you must inspect the equipment monthly for any maintenance concerns. Batteries typically last up to seven years and include an expiration date for you to know when it is time for a replacement. New and used pads are designed to last approximately two years before needing to be replaced. 

2. Reduced Injury Risk 

Over time, the adhesive in AED pads can erode and increase the risk of injury to a young athlete during an emergency. In addition, pads may slip and lead to electric shocks sent to the wrong areas of the body. Make sure your AED batteries and pads are replaced to help prevent potential burns. 

3. Accuracy with Heart Readings

Expired AED pads can lead to inaccurate machine readings of the heart rhythm of a young athlete. This can cause the machine to deliver electric shock impulses that are either too weak or too strong. Therefore, carrying spare pads and batteries in case of any issues can be an excellent idea. 

Rely on NCE for AED Batteries and Pads You Can Trust

Steadfast batteries and high-quality pads for your AED are essential for the health and well-being of your athletes this summer. As a leading American manufacturer, NCE provides reliable AED equipment for emergencies. With a streamlined purchasing process, you can prepare your AED this summer with new pads and batteries at competitive pricing. Call to request a quote today.