The last time you checked your automated external defibrillator’s (AED) batteries, did you check them to see if they still worked, or did you examine them for their expiration date? If AEDs are the most crucial component to saving lives, then the AED battery is the most crucial component to ensuring it works as intended. The batteries in AEDs are no different than those in other electronic devices; their power declines as it ages. Grabbing a non-functioning AED creates a second emergency as those precious minutes tick by. Keeping your batteries in working order prevents your AED from becoming another emergency situation.

Check the AED Batteries Properly

Turn the AED on, watch it light up, and turn it off again. Everything looks in order, right? Unfortunately, no. A defibrillator that turns on is not a sufficient test of the reliability of the battery. Another common method is verifying the installation date; however, the installation date does not indicate when you should change the batteries. The expiration date. is the only reliable way to ensure you know when your batteries will expire, and you should change them well before that date rolls around.

Never assume two different AED models have the same battery expiration dates, even if you ordered them simultaneously. Battery lifespan can vary between models. When checking the batteries in the AED unit, make sure to check any spare batteries, too. Although they are not in current use, they will still slowly discharge over time, and their expiration date needs to be respected.

Reliable Suppliers Make a Big Difference

When it is time to replace those AED batteries, you want an experienced supply partner who can quickly streamline your choices for batteries and provide options for the AED battery life you are looking for. On top of that, you want great service, reliability and competitive pricing. This is especially true for AED batteries used in common defibrillator models like the AED Pro, AED Plus, Lifepak 500, Lifepak 1000, Cardiac Science 9146 and Philips Heartstream and Heartstart.

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