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NCE Introducing the newest line of defibrillator mounts from NCE Empowering Safety, the SNAP Mount System. The SNAP System is designed for one-hand easy use for EMT personnel. The sleek low-profile design makes it our lightest mount ever, and easier to be taken on the go. Our Defibrillator Mount System also debuts the new innovative SNAP locking system, which protects the patient, EMT workers, and monitors in the event of a rollover.



Safely secures your Stryker LifePak 15 monitor/defibrillator



Safely secure your Zoll X-Series monitor/defibrillator

NCE SNAP Mount & Philips Adapter


Safely secures your Philips Tempus Pro monitor/defibrillator



Safely secures your Philips Tempus SMART monitor/defibrillator


Biomed Plus has been working with NCE for the past 8 years and we are very pleased with the service they provide.  We at Biomed Plus feel as though we are partners with NCE in servicing our customers with excellence.  The staff at NCE are always available and very happy to help us with any of our battery related questions.  NCE has helped us provide top quality service while offering us very competitive prices on their product.

-Julie Blount Account Manager


See what our wonderful customer Ray has to say about the SNAP Mount System. 

The SNAP mounts have worked well we have them installed on both our 2015 backup ambulance and our new 2022 primary ambulance. During our OEMS inspection the two inspectors made several comments how well they worked and the ability to move the monitor screen to accommodate several seating configurations while still keeping the screen visible to the paramedics.

-Jeff Legendre Bolton Fire Chief

NCE is a key vendor for our company. They give us the ability to offer a wide range of battery replacements for the medical field that we have not been able to source from any other vendor. The staff is great, with fast response times and excellent attention to detail. NCE has been proactive on our account by offering product advice and pricing incentives to help move our inventory. All of our RMAs and any warranty concerns have been handled quickly and with little hassle. We will be continuing our business with NCE far into the foreseeable future and 100% recommend them.

-Richard Price Owner

NCE always provides batteries that test out well in our QC. I have not had to make any returns because they sell quality products that I would purchase again. NCE has great customer service and their response time is great as well. NCE makes it easy to do business with them with the quick turnaround times and they usually have stock of the items we are looking for. I would definitely recommend NCE to others as they are a great company to work with.

-Jim Geneser Buyer

On 4/13/2022, we had an ambulance involved in a T-bone MVC. The NCE monitor mount kept the LP 15 secured and prevented injury to our provider. Keeping our people safe and unharmed made purchasing these mounts for our fleet completely worth it.

-Kevin Lightfoot Chief

Working in EMS and having the ability to have these mounts for our units they received some moderate use and abuse, but when we moved to the fire department 10 years ago firemen know how to abuse (use) items that they come in contact with. I wanted you to know that these mounts have held their own, they are firemen proof  (not that they didn’t try to tear them up because they did) but these mounts are still in great working order. Thanks for having a quality product out there that is fire department proof

-Kevin Wheatley DvC-Logistics Support Services


You guys are awesome, thanks!  Really appreciate how quickly you get your stuff out the door. With our defibrillator, I don’t like having it out of commission with a low battery and you guys being on the ball helps relieves some stress :-).

-Eric Gillett Buyer



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