Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

The pandemic changed much about how we interact with others, including how we receive drug and alcohol addiction treatments. The landscape of drug addiction treatment today is challenging because addicts lack the community and peer support that was so much easier to get pre-Covid.

An Overview of Our Addiction Intervention Treatment

How can you do an intervention? We have an intensive intervention program that supplements all other addiction treatment programs. We wish to eliminate the gaps restricting in-person treatment so that we can still reach our patients and offer all the support they need to overcome their circumstances.

Tips We Use to Intervene and Transform a Patient's Life

Address Safety Concerns

Clients for drug and alcohol intervention programs have valid reasons to be afraid of attending rehab, as is visible in the following statistics and research data.

  • There is a higher infection rate in rehab than in most other facilities
  • Interacting with patients from far away locations poses more risk of contracting the Covid virus
  • Staff members who contact a large number of patients are at risk of passing it on to patients residing in the facility

It is not enough for us to tell clients that we take every safety measure with extreme seriousness to make sure there is not a single case of positive Covid case. We would like to encourage you with more reasons why you need an addiction treatment intervention program and how we work to ensure you are safe and stand a higher chance of fast and lasting recovery.

Maintain an Open Mind

Some people fear the intervention stage because they fear the judgment they could get from their family, friends, and intervention specialists. We aim to make all our clients comfortable so they are not apprehensive about the decision to join rehab and are more available to get started with treatment as soon as possible.

Maintain an Authentic Human Connection

Human connection is essential in treating drug addiction and mental breakdowns. We assure customers that they have a lot of good to gain from joining rehab by keeping the connections as simple and authentic as possible. There is great value in the stories we tell to enlighten patients on case scenarios of other patients who passed through the same process and came out better and healthier.

Using Tools to Analyze and Maintain One's Long-Term Health

Do you want to help a loved one overcome addiction? Professional intervention is about using professional tools to provide better care and details on addiction treatment. We record all our interventions in the center's systems and use the data to determine the best intervention program and treatment solutions.

Manage Your Medication and Recovery Better

Older adults and relapsing patients may be scared of getting into rehab because they do not trust the facility to offer specialized services for their particular cases. We know that these types of patients need more medication to balance a couple of other medical issues and a full-time team to monitor and manage their symptoms and healing journey.

How can you stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention? Please send a message to our addiction intervention specialists for more information.

Addiction Interventions
Addiction Intervention
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