NCE Defibrillator Mounts

Empowering Safety for Over 50 Years!

Our defibrillator mounts secure more than your equipment; they offer peace-of-mind.

Since 2016, the Fire/EMS Industry has changed dramatically for the better. A twenty-year study by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration concluded there are an average of 4,500 crashes involving ambulances every year, in which 34% result in injuries. A wide range of hazards were identified as injury risks, and new standards were developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers to improve the safety of ambulance travel for EMS providers and patients.

Our Defibrillator Mounts are SAE J3043 certified and MADE IN THE USA

NCE was ahead of the curve; we’ve been focused on Empowering Safety through our defibrillator mounts for over thirty years. Aware that any equipment in an ambulance module can become a projectile in an accident, NCE developed the first-ever defibrillator mount in 1980.

Since then, we’ve stayed on the leading-edge, ensuring NCE defibrillator mounts meet and exceed industry standards. Our mounts are MADE IN THE USA and SAE J3043 certified, the ambulance industry’s standard for stress testing and durability regarding ambulance equipment mount devices or systems.

Beyond protecting EMS providers and patients, NCE defibrillator mounts help protect your equipment. Defibrillator mounts minimize the risk of costly repairs due to device impact or tumble during transport. By safely securing your defibrillator to your ambulance module with an NCE mount, you will protect critical equipment, as well as your patients and crew!

Since developing the first defibrillator mount in 1980, we’ve continued to be on the leading edge of manufacturing quality products and ensuring they comply with safety standards.

Defibrillator Mounts

Zoll Defibrillator Mounts

Zoll Legacy Mounts

Designed exclusively for Zoll monitors/defibrillators, we manufacture mounts for the Zoll-X Series, E series, and M series products. Our mounts are MADE IN THE USA, SAE J3043 certified, and available for immediate delivery!

Stryker Defibrillator Mounts

Stryker Legacy Mounts

Designed exclusively for  Stryker (fka Physio -Control) monitors/defibrillators, we manufacture mounts for the Lifepak 12/15 series. Our mounts are MADE IN THE USA, SAE J3043 certified, and available for immediate delivery!

Snap System Defibrillator Mounts

SNAP System Mounts

Introducing the newest line of defibrillator mounts from NCE Empowering Safety. The SNAP Mount System is a universal system that will fit the LIFEPAK15 and the Zoll X-Series. The standard fit accommodates the LIFEPAK 15. By attaching a lightweight adapter plate, it’s ready for the Zoll X-Series monitor.



A mount desgined for the Philips Tempus Pro w/ Smart Attachment. Utilizing the Philips Smart Attachement with our SMART BASE you will be able to swivel your mount a full 360 degrees. There are no extra buttons or levers. Just the one button release of the Philips Smart Attachment.