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Defibrillator Mounting Solutions

NCE Empowering Safety is a leader in manufacturing top-quality defibrillator mounts for first responders. Our company has a reputation for integrity, innovation, and quality—traits that are needed when serving the medical community. For over 50 years, we have been designing, creating, and distributing needed medical equipment for first responders, hospitals, military operations and other medical facilities. We have top-quality mount systems and accessories for emergency response vehicles.

Defibrillator Wall Mount Systems

At NCE Empowering Safety, we developed the first defibrillator mount in 1980 and we continue to create and distribute reliable mount options. Defibrillator mounts provide safety for patients and medical personnel, ensuring the defibrillator is secured in the event of a sudden vehicle stop or accident. We offer a wide selection of various defibrillator wall mount systems, including:

We specialize in SNAP and Legacy defibrillator mounts that accommodate Stryker Lifepak, Zoll X-Series, Philips Tempus Pro, and a variety of other wall-mounted defibrillator options. Our friendly customer service team can match the right mounting system to your needs.

Defibrillator Mount Accessories

In addition to our defibrillator wall mount systems, we manufacture and distribute the accessories you need for your mounting systems. Our SNAP and Legacy accessories are designed to work with various defibrillators and mounting systems. If you need Lifepak 15 accessories, a defibrillator bracket, a Lifepak 15 mounting bracket, or other accessories, we will help you find what you need for your defibrillator mounting system.

NCE Empowering Safety is your source for advanced medical mounting systems for your emergency response vehicles. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team for more information on our SNAP or Legacy defibrillator mounting systems and accessories.