March 2023 marks the 36th Women’s History Month celebration in the United States. Many well-known female historical figures are often remembered for their contributions to medicine. For example, Florence Nightingale is well known for improving nursing standards during the Crimean War in the 1850s. Clara Barton is another, founder of the American Red Cross and proponent of first aid kits and emergency preparedness. Not surprisingly, women have been pioneering healthcare tests, texts and procedures for thousands of years and remain at the forefront of medical innovations. 

How Female Leadership is Growing Stronger

Some of the most powerful changes in leadership roles in the medical field have come from powerful women pioneering a new style of leadership that uses their historical strengths. For example, for generations, women were seen as the parent who raised the children, kept the house clean and organized everything else while the male parent went to work. That generational role develops strong leadership traits.

At an EMS conference in 2019, some female leaders disclosed what they see as strong leadership traits that women tend to have. Here are some ideas that were included. 

  • Tracey Loscar (B.A., NRP, EMS Chief of Mat-Su Borough EMS) spoke about how women’s skills developed in parenting are excellent organization skills. Women in leadership excel at ensuring others’ well-being is a priority. They can also help others prepare for future risks or challenges.  
  • Anne Jensen, BS, EMT-P, Special Projects Manager, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, said trust is foundational to her leadership style. She leads by trusting others to trust her and accept her leadership. 
  • Cynthia Griffin (D.O., NRP, Emergency Medicine Physician/Flight Physician, University of Wisconsin Medflight/St. Agnes ED) discussed the need to remain assertive and lead by example. She advocates taking the quiet, shy women under your wing and mentoring them rather than only depending on the go-getters.

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