Hospital Bed Mattress Topper

Hospital Bed Mattress Topper

If your regular mattress feels uncomfortable and you can’t afford a new one, investing in a hospital bed mattress topper would be a great solution. At Sterling Sleep Systems, we manufacture hospital bed mattresses and toppers with great attention to quality and investing in the latest material technology.

What are bed mattress toppers?

The mattress topper is bedding that goes on top of your mattress for improved comfort. You have a hospital bed where the mattress is uncomfortable, or your regular mattress at home is making you toss and turn at night? You can simply place the topper on top of the existing mattress for greater comfort without spending money on a new one.

Mattress toppers come in various forms and range of functions. You can get them with foams, gels, air, or even water. They could be dynamic or static, where dynamic ones use a power source to modify support. Mattress toppers are a great way to improve circulation, relieve pressure, and prevent pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores).

Mattress overlays are ideal for patients with numerous health conditions, especially those that cause joint or muscle pain. Arthritis patients and those suffering from chronic back problems can benefit immensely from overlays.

What are mattress toppers made of?

Hospital bed mattress toppers can consist of various materials, but foams and gels are the most popular. Memory foams are used for therapeutic and hospital mattresses and overlays because they allow air to move freely through the foam matrix, thanks to the open foam cells. Memory foams help the overlay conform better to a person’s body shape and relieves pressure in crucial areas.

The open-cell construction allows a person’s body weight to be distributed more evenly, thus reducing high-pressure points that can lead to bad circulation. Gel-infused memory foams are also quite conventional where the memory foam structure contains sections of gel. These products are both durable and comfortable, fit for all body types and sizes.

In addition to providing comfort, mattress toppers should also be able to wick away moisture and have high thermal conductivity. Poorly designed mattresses have low thermal conductivity, meaning that they retain body heat, creating an uncomfortable and sweaty sensation.

How to choose mattress overlays

With mattress overlays, there are overwhelming options to choose from. They come in various thicknesses, dimensions, and materials. If you need them for a medical reason, the most important thing you need to consider is how it supports your spine. A good mattress or topper should encourage a more neutral spinal alignment while relieving pressure at important joints.

You can find overlays that correspond to standard hospital mattress size, which is usually 36’’ in width and 80’’ in length. Contact the manufacturers to find sizes that deviate from standard sizes.

Is your mattress causing you to toss and turn too much, but you don’t want to buy an entirely new mattress? Contact Sterling Sleep Systems to find out more about our hospital bed mattress toppers.

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Hospital Bed Mattress Topper

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