Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Review our FAQs below or call us at 800-328-3773 and we’ll be happy to help.

Hours of Operation?

8-4:30PM CST Monday – Friday

How do I order Products?

Call 800-328-3773, FAX 952-890-1014, or search for you product online and add to cart

How do I request a quote?

Call 800-328-3773 or on the top of the page there is a “Request A Quote” tab 

Is there a minimum order requirement?



Please see our return policy here.

What payment options are available?

NET 30 terms are extended to qualified accounts. We also take American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa

How do I become a qualified account?

Call 800-328-3773 or email and ask for the credit application.

Does NCE Empowering Safety charge sales tax?

NCE Empowering Safety collects applicable sales ta only on orders billed or shipped to addresses within the state of Minnesota. If you order within the state of Minnesota or your order is shipping to Minnesota but you are tax exempt we require a ST3 Exemption Certificate. 

Are your mounts certified?

Our mounts are SAEJ3043, AMD 028, KKK-A-1822F certified. All testing is done by an independent laboratory. 

Should we do preventive maintenance on our mounts?

Yes, it is advised to check the nuts and bolts used to secure the base. See package maintenance instructions. 

Should I do preventative maintenance on batteries?

For batteries it is advised to follow the package instructions, since batteries vary. If you have questions please call us at 800-328-3773

How do you ship my orders?

UPS ground is the standard, Fed Ex can be done upon request. DHL is used for our outside the US. LTL is used for larger quantities. 

How long will it take to receive my products?

See map on “Shipping” page for estimated ground shipping

Does NCE Empowering Safety offer a warranty?

Yes, see our “Warranty” page 

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Can NCE Empowering Safety rebuild my battery?

Yes, we are able to rebuild a large selection of batteries. Please call us at 800-328-3773 for more information. 

Do you the battery I want in stock?

We carry most batteries in stock. Please call us at 800-328-3773 for a specific inquiry. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

Want to know how long it should take to ship your product form NCE Empowering Safety’s warehouse to your location? Ground Time-in-Transit Maps provide full color U.S. maps illustrating the number of transit days for delivery via UPS ground services within the 50 states and Puerto Rico. Please see the color associated to where your product is being shipped to, from NCE Empowering Safety’s warehouse.  (MN and part of WI is one day, ND and OH are 2 days, etc.)

I need to return my battery or mount. What do I need to do?

In order to return your item, call and request an RMA number at 800-328-3773 or see our return policy. 

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How do I return defibrillator pads?

Defibrillator pads can be returned if they are unopened and returned within 30 days.

Defibrillator pads cannot be returned if the package is opened, as they are considered a sterile medical accessory. 

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Does NCE Empowering Safety offer battery recycling?

Yes, NCE is devoted to operating an eco-friendly company. For more information on how to recycle batteries with NCE please check out our “Recycling” page

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How do I read the date code on my battery?

Your battery may have two date codes. The white label specifies your part number and contains that date in which your product was shipped, not an expiration date. This date will be used in the event that a warranty is to be accessed. For more assistance please call us at 800-328-3773

Where can I find Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?

MSDS sheets are on each product page under the MSDS tab. Or on our “Resource Page


How are battery ratings used?

The rated capacity of any battery expresses the average amount of current it releases over a period of time under normal use. This means that the battery with a rating of 200 Ah can deliver 20 amps of power at a constant rate for 10 hours. 


Does overcharging cause damage to my battery?

Overcharging occurs when the total capacity removed has been replaced by recharging and the battery remains on charge. As a result of too high a charge voltage excessive current will flow into the battery, after the battery has reached full charge. This will cause decomposition of the water in the electrolyte and premature aging. At high rates of overcharge a battery will progressively heat up. As it gets hotter it will accept more current, heating up even more. This is called thermal runaway and it can destroy a battery in as little as a few hours.