Are you looking to make your veterinary practice more sustainable? It can seem like a daunting task as a Veterinary clinic to even think about reducing waste or becoming more sustainable, but there are options! Whether you are just opening your clinic or it’s well established, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you and your team.Vets office

  1. Be Mindful of Your Printing This can be an easy way to cut down on your waste and save money in your clinic. By switching over to electronic notifications for your clients or even electronic bill payments, you can reduce the amount of paper and ink that you use! It really can be a win-win for everyone. 
  2. Check Your Stock: Regularly check your stock for expiration dates to avoid medication going out of date. There are even electronic systems you can use like PetsApp to help your customers remember to pick up medications. 
  3. Battery Recycling: Your batteries can have a second life when you recycle them. Whether they are office supply batteries or batteries for your veterinary equipment, there are many programs out there to help! In fact, pack up a box and let us know the size and weight and we will send you a UPS return label. All for free!

Recycle twice with us and we will give you a coupon for 15% off your next order over $75.00. If you aren’t sure what batteries we have, visit our site or get in touch with us for assistance. 

  1. Waste Disposal: Be sure to have clear and well marked recycling bins in the office. You can even consider switching to reusable sharp bins or cardboard bio bins. For the office, you can even switch to biodegradable or recycled options like gloves, waste disposal bags, and cat litter. 
  2. Donating Unused or Expired Supplies: There are organizations out there that you can donate your unused or expired supplies and medication to. Many organizations are dedicated to improving animal welfare on a global level while helping conserve resources. Organizations like Project V.E.T.S is a good place to start, but there may be others in your local area.  

We hope you enjoy the list we’ve put together and know there are many more things you can do to become a more sustainable vet clinic. Would love to hear feedback on how your veterinary office has improved your sustainability!