About NCE Empowering Safety

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Empowering Safety Through Our Products

About NCE Empowering Safety

In an industry that is always changing and demanding more, NCE Empowering Safety has proven our innovation, integrity, and reliability for over 50 years. As an American manufacturer of defibrillator mounts and a manufacturer/distributor of batteries for hospitals, EMS, military environments, and two-way communication applications, our products are relied upon every day for life-saving procedures. Did you know that NCE developed the first-ever defibrillator mount in 1980? We know the important role our products play in your emergency situations, whether it be in a hospital room powering your essential medical equipment with steadfast batteries, or safely securing your defibrillator mount in a speeding emergency vehicle. Since 1968, it has been our mission to provide quality medical batteries, defibrillator mounts, and other safety products that adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Defibrillator mount history

Why Choose NCE?

Our quality and commitment to our customers can’t be beat. NCE Empowering Safety is an American manufacturer and distributor of batteries for hospital, EMS, Military environment medical equipment and two-way communication applications. NCE Empowering Safety developed the very first defibrillator mount to protect patients, and EMS personnel from injury while traveling in an ambulance.


Since our inception in 1968, NCE has been a go-to source for batteries. We offer top-of-the-line battery packs, medical batteries, batteries for two-way communication applications, and more! Being a part of the first-response industry for over 50 years, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help. With a few quick questions, we can narrow down the battery you need and ensure it fits the application desired. We have streamlined our purchasing process and added policies that make buying batteries from us as risk-free as possible. We offer a warranty, as well as a generous return policy. Take advantage of these incentives and our competitive pricing to get the vital batteries you need today!